Available for Weddings & Events in the Scottish Borders

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the bagpipes too loud to be played in a church or ceremony room at a wedding?

A. The pipes are a loud instrument. However when piping inside, especially for the ceremony the pipes will only be played in short bursts. For example; piping the bride down the aisle or piping as the newly weds leave the ceremony. Always make sure to tell the venue in advance you are having a piper so there won't be any problems.

Q. What is the difference between the full highland dress and pipe band dress?

A. The full highland dress comes with feather bonnet, full tartan plaid, braided doublet jacket, cross belt, large haired sporran, tartan socks, spats and kilt! What I refer to as pipe band dress is glengarry hat, Argyll jacket, waistcoat and kilt. Both outfits can be viewed here on the right.

Q. Do we need to meet in person before the wedding/event date?

A. A meeting can be arranged however it is not essential for us to meet in person before the event date. Communication can be made via phone, email or social media. 

Q. What tartan do you wear?

A. The tartan I wear when performing in the full highland regalia is the Prince Charles Edward Stewart tartan. This is the red kilt in the pictures. The black kilt I wear is the Hamilton Grey tartan. I also have a kilt in the Modern Munro, which is a red tartan.

Q. Can you play with a drummer?

A. A drummer can be arranged subject to availability.

Q. Do you take tune requests?

A. ‚ÄčI am more than happy to play any tunes you wish, it's your day! I have played pipes for many years and have built a large repertoire of music. If you have a special request that isn't a traditional pipe tune, say for example a chart song, it would depend on if it was possible to play it on the bagpipes. All requests should be discussed well in advance.